A New Game and A LOT of Laughs

When the owner of Morphology games contacted me to review Morphology, at first I was hesitant.  I mean- I was TOTALLY intrigued (Who wouldn't be? The tagline is, “The hilarious guessing game where creativity wins!” Right up my alley.)  But I was hesitant because the game is recommended for kids 13 and older and I feel like most of my  blog readers have children younger than that.Morphology pieces

I'm so glad she sent the game anyways, because everyone should have the chance to laugh as hard as I did while playing it, AND my four and six year old have had fun playing Morphology as well.

About Morphology:

  • You open the box and people just are DRAWN to the table and begin playing with the pieces.  We were “playing” Morphology for about half an hour before someone said, “Hey, maybe we should look at the directions and see how to play.”  I love things you can just open and go.
  • The directions are simple. You have a pile of goodies that you have to make into a shape or scene so your team can guess what you're making.  Yes- sort of like Pictionary only so. much. funnier.
  • It's just REALLY funny.  I mean we were laughing until we cried.  It is hard to convey in a blog post WHY this game is so funny; I thought maybe the owner was exaggerating by calling it hilarious.  I no longer think that is an exaggeration.

Playing Morphology

But can you play Morphology with younger kids?

Child Playing Morphology
Leland claims he was making an automatic bubblegum machine. Don't worry, that wasn't one of the real clues.

Back to my original concern- Is this a good game for families with younger kids? Here's what I think: yes and no.

  • You would not be able to play the game as it is written in the instructions with my four and six year old.  HOWEVER- you can easily adapt and have fun with this game.
  • Younger kids loved watching us play.  They can be on a team with a couple other people.
  • Even if you don't play by the instructions you can hand select clues for them to build and just enjoy watching their imagination go wild.
  • I haven't tried this yet, but you could definitely write your own clues (Or, PSSSsst, hey Kate at Morphology, wouldn't a kids version of this game be fun…?)

Bottom Line:

My sister says that in my review I should say, “The only problem is that you might play it So MUCH that you finally memorize all the cards…but maybe they could avoid that by not playing five times in a row…”

My kids have been asking to play again and I will be pleased to do that as soon as I can get it back from my sister!

This is a really fun game; it would be a great gift for any creative people on your list and it's worthwhile having on your shelf.