6 Kid Friendly Protein Bar Recipes

One item that has made its way into our lives mostly due to convenience is protein bars and granola bars. They're so portable and easy to grab and my kids like them. However, with that ease comes a big price tag. Not only that, I'm usually a little worried about the amount of sugar in them as well as other questionable ingredients that an already stressed mom is maybe supposed to worry about. (Oils? Preservatives? I can't keep up.) At any rate they make a me a bit angsty, yet they're so convenient, so I'm always looking for bars with a bit more protein to try and balance things out.

With the goals in mind of reducing expense and increasing protein, I went in search of kid friendly protein bar recipes. Here is a list of recipes I found that look like they'll be healthy and tasty. We'll be trying these in the coming weeks as I keep looking for ways to make lunches and snacks ahead of time.

Baked Protein Bar Recipes:

High Protien, All Natural: Sarah Miller's Recipe “is just the recipe for you if you need a granola bar that is rich, filling, and only made with real ingredients.” It's baked in an 11 x 15″ pan, making a big batch of bars.

Grain Free Protien Bars: This bar recipe uses only 7 ingredients and they are things you're likely to have on hand. With no oats or refined sugars, the recipe is a gluten free and paleo friendly “granola” bar.

No Bake Protein Bar Recipes:

Use up Bananas: Chocolate Peanut Butter Banana Oatmeal Bars – These bars are vegan, no bake and have a yummy dark chocolate top. The ingredient list is short and what's not to love with chocolate, bananas and peanut butter?

Oat Free, Nut Free, Peanut Free: These No-bake, Allergen-free Protein Bars are super customizable. The base recipe is only three ingredients and you can easily mix in any extras you'd like.

Maple Pecan No Bake Barsthis no-bake bar is filled with natural sources of protein, fiber and no refined sugar. These kid friendly protien bars are made using a food processor, then pressed into a pan. They can be made ahead in a large batch and frozen in individual portions even, so you can easily pull them out in the morning to stick in a lunch for snack time.

Healthy and Chewy These no bake bars look like the chewy granola bars your kids might be used to. They aren't super high in protein, but the recipe is flexible and with no refined sugars they make for a great breakfast or lunch snack.

Between the different kid friendly protein bar recipes here we're bound to find a few that my kids like. Making these on the weekend sets us up for easy to grab snacks that I feel good about them eating.