5 Ways to Simplify Your Day With Printable Kids Activities

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Lately, while we are in the midst of starting a business it's just me and the kids SO much of the time. I'm really needing to find ways to simplify in order to stay sane, much less get dinner made.  Here are a few ideas that I have been able to put into action that are working well for me. (When so much is feeling chaotic, it is nice to realize that some things are actually working well here ;))

This post has been sponsored by the Trip Clip. Thankfully Molly, owner and creator of the Trip Clip, has the same goal as I do- make life with kids simpler and more fun.  None of the ideas below require the Trip Clip, but you can accomplish the first four of them with it.  Opinions expressed are mine, all mine.

5 ways to simplify your day using printable kids activities:

Printable Kids Activities (1)

1. Routines for the Roughest Part of the Day–  What part of the day is the most difficult for everyone?  Make a picture routine to show what needs to be done.  This can help the kids take more responsibility for their day, and gives you something to point to for a reminder of what to do next.

2.Kids Grocery List– I find it fairly exhausting to shop with three kids, but it's the way I shop 90% of the time. Giving the boys a clip board with a list of things to help me find has improved ALL of our outlooks about it. I think it helps them feel independent and important.   Maybe it's just little boys, but they sure love feeling like Mom's Hero.

3. Printable Kids Activities (2)Reading Practice– My six year old is practicing his reading each day, but was starting to become resistant to the basic early reader books.  The last thing I want is for reading to become something we argue about. One thing that has REALLY helped with this is having him tell me a story that I write down.  Then either he illustrates it, or we cut out a picture to illustrate.  Now we've got a reading practice sheet that is about things he really cares about (like trains!)

4. Pre-Printed Kids Activities– In my craft room I keep a drawer of ready to go activities.  This includes things like foam plates for sensory play, my toothpicks-jar activityand a bunch of printable-kids-activities all printed and ready to go.  At a moment's notice I can grab a few of these and hand them out so I can finish what I'm writing, finish sewing something, or take them with us when we go to a restaurant or to a friend's house who doesn't have kids.

Activity Drawer

5. Kids Calendar of the Month– Totally simple, yet helpful every day.  We go online and find a printable calendar for the month (I usually do a google image search for printable calendars.)  I put stickers on important days, such as a visit to Nana's.  Each day (or sometimes every few days, heh) we cross off the days that have passed.  When the kids ask, “When are we going to Nana's???” we can easily refer to their personal calendar.

And now…

Trip Clip Review and Giveaway

The top four of these printable activities are easily done with The Trip Clip.  Mom, Molly Rhoten, created this deceptively simple tool.  The Trip Clip is much more than the clip board with attached pen.  It is a website that lets you easily create a picture packing list, as well as a grocery list, a chore chart and more. The beauty of this product lies in these printable activities and lists

  • Activities are REALLY easy to edit and print.
  • You can purchase the activities separately or with the Trip Clip.
  • With your activity credits you gain access to whichever activities you choose forever.
  • The activities are dynamic- so it's an unlimited amount of mazes, word searches, drawing prompts, etc.
  • The Trip Clip Activities page makes printing a breeze. You can print out whole workbooks in just a couple minutes.

Trip Clip

All that being said, I did have a couple critiques:  I would like even more freedom to edit within the activities.  I don't think this would be a problem for everyone, I just tend to be one of those people that always wants to “tweak” things a bit 😉 I also wish there was a more clear way to save lists of my own creation.  I think I could just save the PDF and be set to go, but my mom brain is a bit frazzled and I think it would be kind of cool to have various personalized activity workbooks saved online.  However, it's likely that would be a pretty difficult thing for the creator to set up (or require a whole LOT of server space), so I understand it not being an option.

Why would you buy Printable Kids Activities?

This is what I wondered.  I mean I've seen lots available for free, right?  Well, it's the time savings.  I've made packing lists before, for instance, and it took a LONG time to get it situated just so.  With the Trip Clip, on the other hand, I couldn't believe how fast I was able to print out an individualized grocery list, packing list, or chores chart.  Also my kids were totally excited to sit with me and create these lists, just click, add, and print- COOL!

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