5 Ways to Get More Time for Creativity- Without Adding More To Do

You’ve already got enough to do.  Let’s not make creativity just another guilt-inducing thing you struggle to fit into your day. In general, I try hard not to create “busyness” in my life; even so, we all go through times when we’ve got A LOT going on.

Here are five ways to get in more creativity without adding to your to-do list.

Change your thinking– When you are in a very busy phase of life, creativity can be “What will I put together for dinner, what story can I tell the kids, or how can I handle this situation with grace rather than anger?” So don’t be so hard on yourself. Yes, sometimes we simply do not manage to do something both fun and creative, however there is no need to heap guilt on top of it. Start noticing how you infuse everyday situations with creativity and give yourself some credit!

Make yourself creativity kits– Make it easy for yourself to do something creative. I make myself little kits. I have a pack of index cards and some permanent makers in a zipper pouch in my purse. I have a box with just one little knitting or crochet project and the instructions in my living room. I keep a sketchbook and pencil by my bed. Put just the things you need for one activity together and put it where you’ll be able to use it.

Embrace Doodling– Give yourself permission to play with lines, dots, and swirls in those in-between moments; doodle while waiting on the phone, embellish your grocery list or even choose doodling when you have down time, but are feeling uninspired to work on a big project. This kind of drawing without expectation helps you get into a creative flow quickly and easily. For more about this, check out Why Doodle by Renee Yemma.

Choose kid's activities that YOU enjoy– If you have children at home, look for opportunities to do art with them that you want to do too. I rarely set up an activity for my kids (that I am going to have to be facilitating) that I am not interested in as much as they are. Think you can’t paint, or draw? No problem. See “Embrace Doodling” above. You can just play with the art materials; ask the question, “I wonder what would happen if…?” and not only will this help you unwind, it will also give your kids the best example of allowing creativity to flow.

Just do 10 minutes–  Currently, of necessity, my life is very FULL, and every day I am tempted to give in to that feeling of being overwhelmed, busy, and frazzled. Experience tells me, however, that if I disregard my frazzled-ness and just set the timer for ten minutes to do something creative, I have more energy to give to my daily tasks.

You're doing great; I'm so glad for the creative company.