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5 Tips for Connecting With Your Kids Through Reading

Looking to connect? Read this book…

5 Tips for Connecting with Kids Through Reading

Or any book!

Reading is a great way to connect with your kids and often helps kids feel cared for. It requires no real prep once you have chosen a book. You can read to one child at a time or all your kids together and its one of those few activities that you can do with children of any age.

5 tips for connecting with kids through reading:

Create a special little library from which you or your child can quickly choose a book you won’t mind reading. Look through the books you have and pick ten. Pick books you like reading, ones you are willing to read over and over; set these books aside in a special spot: a basket, a separate shelf or even a stack on the end of a dresser. Consider adding a book of poetry or a songbook to round things out.

 If your child is resistant to being read to, consider offering them a fidget, a small toy they can play with while you read. You can also try reading to them during a meal or while they eat a snack. Some kids like to color or play with lego’s while they are read to. Find what works for you and use it.

A few “fidgets” that can work well for calm during reading, you can click on the image to learn more about the toy. (Amazon affiliate links):

Keep this time about connecting with your child.  If your child is a beginning reader, don't let all of your reading times turn into Teaching Reading time.  They still need those moments that show them how enjoyable and fun reading can be.  Go ahead and let them read to you if they really want to but it's ok for you to read to them too or let them make up the story as they look at the pictures.

Don’t be afraid to read picture books to your older kids. A preteen who is sorting out how to be mature may just cuddle up next to you for a reading of a fondly remembered picture book.

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We hope you enjoy some snuggly reading with your kids!