5 End of Summer Tips for an Easier Back to School Transition

Whether school makes you jump with joy or wilt with exhaustion, it is definitely a shift in routine from summer. While I know school years are different everywhere, my three are starting in the next couple weeks. Since it's on my mind, I wanted to let you know a few of the ways I'm preparing for a more peaceful transition back into the school routine, and you can too. This post contains affiliate links to Amazon.

Learn how you can support your child in being more organized and responsible. I recommend the book Smart but Scattered for learning about executive function (how we plan, organize, control emotions and more).

Smart but Scattered - FINALLY understand how to help your kids be organized, in control of their emotions and motivated

Find out your family's strengths and learn how to improve in areas where you are weak. This book will go on my list of books that changed my life this year.

Consider investing in a visual timer if you have children who have a poor grasp of time. We will be practicing using this magnetic visual timer with my notoriously slow kindergartner so she can get out the door on time.

Decide if you want to teach any new chores prior to the beginning of the school year. We are working on our morning routine, which includes feeding the animals and unloading dishes in our house. I'd like to get it nailed down now before we add in the stresses of school.

Start moving bedtime back if it's crept later and later with the longer summer days. Sleep is absolutely critical for learning, and I'd rather they get used to the earlier hours now than trying to pry them out of bed on the first day back to school. Kim West, The Sleep Lady, has more tips on transitioning sleep for back to school here.

Make a screen time plan for once school starts. I have a post with ideas and questions to consider on making making media rules that work for your family here. In it you can see examples from a number of different families on how they tackle this issue.

Hoping the rest of your summer break is beautiful! Let me know if you have any other struggles you'd like help or resources for as you head back to school this year.

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