3 Simple Ways to Dye Easter Eggs So They Come Out Looking Great

The kids wanted to make “really special Easter eggs” and I hadn't particularly planned for really special, you know…

Luckily, I knew enough not to let on about my lack of Easter Egg Specialness planning.  Instead,  I quickly grabbed a couple more household items to add to our decorating arsenal and I was able to impress them with my  Easter Egg Dyeing Prowess.

Here are a few easy-peasy tricks so that you  too can make simple but beautiful Easter eggs. Really special Easter eggs.

3 simple ways to dye Easter eggs that come out looking great

And, for what it's worth, it's only in the past couple years that we have started to manage making pretty eggs.  Before that we had two years where the kids dyed ALL the eggs pinkish-brown because they had to dip them in EVERY color – so that was a fun experience because we at least DID dye eggs together, and they were just as much fun to hunt for on Easter morning.

3 Beautiful and Simple Ways to Dye Easter Eggs

For these eggs we used a simple [easyazon_link identifier=”B004R1AS0K” locale=”US” tag=”holidea-20″]Easter Egg Dye Kit[/easyazon_link]. (Amazon affiliate link.)

Wrapping in Rubber Bands

Rubber bands make an interesting resist for the dye and the wavy shapes they make on the eggs are graceful and fun to reveal when the eggs dry. You can see two rubber band eggs in the picture below – one in the upper right corner and one bottom center.

3 beautiful and SIMPLE ways to dye Easter eggs

Make Repeating Patterns

You can draw on an egg with crayon before dyeing it to make a resist, or course.  One of the simple secrets to making it look pretty is to choose a pattern and repeat it all over the egg – spirals, dashes, dots; it doesn't have to be complex.  Our brains like repetition.  The spirals above were simple, but it wound up being one of my favorite eggs.

3 simple egg dying techniques that come out looking great

Layer Colors

We dyed some of our eggs and let them dry for a while and THEN colored on them with crayon or wrapped them in rubber bands.  This gave us a layered effect.  For instance the purple egg with blue dots started as a dyed blue egg.  Then we drew dots with a white crayon, then dipped it in pink – TA DAH! A purple egg with blue dots!

Happy Egg Dyeing!

I hope you have fun.  And if your child's simple way to dye Easter Eggs happens to be to make them all Pinkish Brown, well, good thing the Easter Bunny knows how to hide those too 😉

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