15+ Simple Toddler Activities – using everyday materials

Simple Toddler Activities

If you read through the toddler activities on the Toddler Years Must Do List two things strike you.

  • One, is that while it's a very busy time,  this is also such a sweet age; that post always makes me grin.
  • Two,  is that many of the most fun, most successful activities for toddlers are very, very simple.

When my daughter was younger we had a toddler activity cupboard filled with things like clean recyclables, tongs and other toddler pleasers.  The list below is filled with simple things you can do with every day objects with your toddler.

Simple Toddler Activities Using Everyday Materials

Find Treasures:

  • Hide treasures in a wipes container and let your toddler figure out how to get them out.
  • Put pom poms in a bin and let your tot search for plastic animals or other treasures in them.
  • Use scoops or hands to search for treasures in a bean box or other sensory bin.
  • Play I-Spy with the trinkets-in-rice. We have this DIY tutorial for making an I-Spy Treasure Hunt, or if you'd like a closed container, try filling a clear plastic bottle with rice and treasures and super-gluing on the cap.

Recycle Bin Fun

Fine Motor Stashing and Moving

  • Uses the baby wipes container for many different “stashing” activities.  Poker chips, pom poms and small treasures like game pieces are all good fun to push through the wipes slot.
  • Use tongs to transfer pom poms between a foam tray and an egg carton.
  • Use toothpicks or broken noodles to make a fine motor challenge out of an old spice container.

Make eating fun

15+ Simple Activities for a Happy Toddler

More Simple Play Activities for Toddlers:

And finally, if you'd like to have toddler play activities at your finger tips, you may enjoy my collaborative ebook, Zero to Two: The Book of Play.