Allegiant Stadium surrounded by lush green trees and plants and powerful clouds at sunset in Las Vegas Nevada.

15 Most Impressive Facts About Allegiant Stadium, Host of Super Bowl LVIII

Super Bowl LVIII was held at the Allegiant Stadium, adjacent to the Las Vegas Strip. Some attendees come to events here just for the spectacle of being inside the technologically advanced venue.

This immense ten-level stadium opened in 2020. Here are some of the most impressive things we’ve learned about Allegiant Stadium.


This aerial photo shows construction progress at the Las Vegas Stadium. Steel is erected to form the stadium shell.
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The stadium was built at a cost of approximately $1.9 billion, making it the second most expensive stadium in the world.

First NFL Stadium in Las Vegas 

Sunset twilight view of the Allegiant Stadium and downtown cityscape.
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Allegiant Stadium is the first NFL stadium in Las Vegas and played a significant role in the city's sports history.

Roll-In Field Tray 

Field of turf outside.
Photo Credit: Raiders Public Relations

The stadium’s Bermuda Grass turf sits in a field tray that can be moved in and out of the stadium. The official site states that this field tray weighs 19 million pounds and uses 72 motors to move. 

The roll-in field tray allows the natural turf to be exposed to sunlight and also keeps it from being damaged by other events like concerts and conventions.

Home to Two Football Teams

View of inside allegiant stadium
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The stadium is home to the Las Vegas Raiders who relocated from Oakland in 2020. It’s also home to the University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV) Rebels college football team.

Roll-Up Artificial Turf

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA. May 26, 2021: Allegiant Stadium Shown On Las Vegas Raiders Season Ticket Holder Seat Visit Day. Stadium is empty but huge looking.
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UNLV prefers an artificial turf, so when the college team plays, the field tray is moved out, and artificial turf is laid out onto the stadium’s concrete floor. This artificial turf is stored rolled up underneath the stadium when the field tray is rolled in. 

Unique Roof

Roof of Allegiance Stadium seen from inside.
Photo Credit: Raiders Public Relations

Allegiant Stadium has a translucent roof with windows that can open when temperatures allow it. 

Fun Fact: In September 2023 during a torrential rainstorm, rain began leaking into the stadium causing a brief delay in the UNLV football game that day. The roof was subsequently repaired.

Immense Lanai Doors 

Outside of Allegiant Stadium with dessert foilage.
Photo Credit: Raiders Public Relations

The stadium features the largest 3-sided retractable lanai doors in the world. It takes 10 minutes to open or close the doors and county officials have to be notified three days in advance if the doors will be open for an event in order to do safety checks. If winds are predicted to be 25 miles per hour, the stadium cannot open doors or windows for events.

Largest LED Mesh Display

LED display outside allegiant stadium with Raider's logo.
Photo Credit: Samsung Electronics America

Allegiant Stadium features 27,600-square-foot Samsung outdoor LED mesh display positioned on the exterior of the building—the largest outdoor stadium marquee in professional football.

Tallest 3D Printed Object

Giant silvery torch in front of windows at allegiant stadium torch.
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The stadium features a 93-foot torch that is pending a world record. The Al Davis Memorial Torch symbolizes the Raiders' will to win. It is built from 226 3D-printed blocks made of a carbon fiber, reinforced polycarbonate composite.


Full seats at Allegiant Stadium.
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The stadium has a seating capacity of 65,000, expandable to 72,000 for special events. It has over 100 luxury suites and several club seating options for fans.

First NFL Stadium Powered 100% By Renewable Energy

Raiders sustainability award at stadium.
Photo Credit: Raiders Public Relations

The stadium partnered with NV Energy to become completely run by renewable energy. In July 2023, it received a LEED Gold certification for sustainability and features sustainable design elements like natural lighting, energy-efficient systems, and water-saving features. 

Fully Climate Controlled

Panorama cityscape view of Las Vegas at sunset in Nevada, United States of America.
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The renewable energy is particularly good news given that the giant space inside Allegiant Stadium is air-conditioned, and the average high temperatures in Las Vegas are between 80 to 100 degrees for half the year.

Food Scraps Feed Las Vegas Livestock

Green Food Scrap Bins.
Photo Credit: Raiders Public Relations

On average, the stadium collects 11,000 pounds of kitchen prep and end-of-event food scraps for each large event. They provide the scraps to local Las Vegas Farms for livestock feed.

165 Total Cameras for the Super Bowl

Title for Super Bowl LVIII, Kansas City Chiefs vs. The San Francisco 49ers at Allegiant Stadium.
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According to Front Office Sports on X, CBS used 165 total cameras during their broadcast of Super Bowl LVIII, including:

  • 3 drones
  • 5 skycams
  • 6 “doink” cams
  • 24 robotic cams
  • 5 depth-of-field cams
  • 6 stadium/Strip set cams
  • 20 cams inside endzone pylons
  • 24 cameras with 4K zoom extraction


Allegiant Stadium photo next to a roomba photo.
Image Credit: Sports Authetics USA Facebook

Now for a funny rather than impressive fact – the stadium has been called both the ‘Death Star’(by Raiders owner Marc Davis) and the ‘Giant Roomba’ due to the way it looks like one of the robot vacuums from above.

More Super Bowl Trivia

Silhouette of Fans supporting teams at Super Bowl LVIII, the 58th Super Bowl, Kansas City Chiefs vs. The San Francisco 49ers at Allegiant Stadium.
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It’s always fun to know fascinating bits of information about a sport you love.  

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