12 Ways to Make Reading Interactive

Here are 12 ways to be a reading hero for your kids – they'll love when their favorite stories come to life with these activities.

Reading is a great way to connect with kids.  Sometimes reading a books together smooths a rough day or gives your big kid a chance to be your baby again, if just for a moment.  But it reading doesn’t have to be passive, there are lots of ways to make reading an interactive activity.

Make Reading Interactive - get out of a rut and play with these ideas

If you find yourself in a reading rut, try some fun reading related activities:

  • Draw a picture together from the story.

  • Make up a different story about the characters.

  • Look at a comic and have your child tell the story.
  • Listen to a book on tape together.
  • Ask your beginning reader to read a toddler book to your younger child.12 Ways to Make Reading Interactive
  • Act out the story with stuffed animals.

  • Ask questions about the story –would you have done the same thing as the main character?

  • Make up a different ending.

  • Make up a fantasy about a part of the story.

  • Tell the same story from a different perspective, such as the Three little pigs from the point of view of the wolf.

  • Make puppets of the characters, this can be as simple as drawing pictures and cutting them out to paste on sticks.

  • Merge characters from different stories, What if Winnie the Pooh met Peter Rabbit?


How do you like to bring stories to life with your kids?