10 Simple Color Crafts

Rainbows, color mixing and more:

Today we're featuring 10 simple color crafts from last week's Kids Get Crafty.  We don’t have to get complicated with our crafting.  Especially with young children, much of the activity is just about being with you and exploring materials.  Choosing something simple gives you a chance to practice creating with your kids instead of worrying about all the details.

Creativity is contagious...

Preschool Color Crafts

Simple color activities suitable for young children:

  • 3-D color wheels– I think it would be fun to make one of these as a family, or with a couple friends for a play date.
  • Explore color and pattern-An easy toddler activity; you may find that if you just get out the supplies they’ll make their own color lesson.
  • Easy printable rainbow activity– Again, no need to get complicated.  With a printable rainbow kids  have an activity to go along with the book Elmer and the Rainbow.

Kindergarten or First Grader Color Crafts:

You will probably have to help set up the following activities and then you can let your child lead the way.  Feel free to set up your own version of their craft and explore along with your child.  Kids loosen up when they see you experimenting and asking questions (What if we do this? I wonder what will happen if…)

Let’s Create Together:

Many different ages can work together on the following crafts.  With a little imagination you can usually find a job for a toddler (ripping, sticking and so on) 4-6 year olds can do most of the work with only a little help from you.  Older kids may or may not want to participate but often, when the whole family is gathered around the table working on something they’ll gravitate to the action as well.  My kids often do not like the fussy work of cutting out objects for collages but will happily glue away as I clip, clip, clip.

  • Rainbow collage project– I love the idea of using seed catalog pictures in this, perfect for Spring!
  • Pom Pom Garland– I couldn’t resist including this goofy and gorgeous rainbow made using a Pom Pom Maker.
  • Colorful Sticker Monsters– Spark your family’s creativity when you make these monsters together; what a great art prompt!
  • Make spinning tops– I know you have old CD’s lying around.  How about using them to so you can learn about color theory together?