The Name Twist Game

Test your flexibility in mind and body! Can you bend and twist your to form the letters in your name? Can you find a way to make them all?

James Name Collage


The kids really get a sense for the shape of the letter when they have to figure out how to move to create it. Perhaps you want to try dancing through the alphabet? You'll be giggling if you get into the action. I was thinking, “Is it easier to shape myself into “Mama” or “Alissa”…is it cheating if I choose Mama…?

Leland Name Collage


We took this activity outside and the lawn made for a great background for taking photos to put into a collage. I just used the photo editor in Picasa to crop these and arrange them into the kids' names.

Azalea Name Collage

For Azalea I snapped a bunch of photos just trying to get some shapes similar to the letters in her name. As it turns out babies don't just randomly assume a ‘Z' position; ‘A' is mighty hard to come by as well! No problem- I used “sketchetik” font, in Picasa, to write the letters over her.


OK, go fold yourself up and let me know if you come up with a good way to make a Q!