Journal Prompts: Finding Home + Inspirational book list

Whenever I feel unsettled and more aware than usual of the constant change that is part of life and parenting, I find myself craving a cozy place to curl up, a haven. I feel a pull to set my house in order, and to bring more comfort to my home.

With Fill Your Cup prompts the idea is that you can choose one or two prompts and take just 5 to 10 minutes responding to fill your emotional cup. This is a time for you to press the “pause button” to collect your thoughts. You can respond through writing, drawing, doodling – it’s about what fills your cup.

Journal Prompts - Making Your House a Home and Your Home a Haven

Finding home is crucial to the act of writing. Begin here. With what you know. With the tales you've told dozens of times to friends or a spouse or a lover. With the map you've already made in your heart. That's where the real home is. If we carry that home with us all the time we'll be able to take more risks. We can leave on wild excursions, knowing we'll return. – Georgia Heard, Writing Toward Home

Journal Prompts about Home

  • How would you like your home to feel?  Make a list of 100 words that come to mind.
  • Sounds/Tastes/Aromas/Textures/Sights: Choose one of these senses and tune your awareness to it over the next few days when you are home. Write down what you sense of home.
  • If your physical space could say one thing to you right now, what would it be telling you? What would you like your living space to say to you every day?
  • Is there anything you could do to  your current space to make it feel more like home?  Can you think of a small change that might bring you a feeling of comfort or belonging?
  • Are you literally or metaphorically being called home right now?  Will you go?

Book List – Finding Home

Here you'll find inspiration for creating comfort, making your house a home, and making your home a haven. Book links are Amazon affiliate links – should you purchase through them you support the work of Creative With Kids at no extra cost to yourself.

Living in your house constantly uses up the good things – food, clean clothes, linens, shiny floors. Housekeeping routines provide for their continual renewal. – Cheryl Mendelson, Home Comforts

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Wishing you a replenishment of good things, a place to rest, and a feeling of coming home.

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