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12 Self-Acceptance Mantras to Live By

Mantras are words or phrases used during meditation, prayer, or for motivation. Repeating mantras on a daily basis can help remove limiting beliefs and replace them with healthier, uplifting beliefs that shift our perspective over our self-worth and what we deserve.

Here are the most powerful mantras to integrate into your day-to-day life.

“I Am Enough”

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The most powerful mantra is “I am enough.” According to Marissa Peer, a famous therapist who employs NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) techniques, this mantra is most effective with her clients in transforming their lives. This includes famous actors and actresses, celebrities, and successful CEOs, showing that the fear of not being enough can affect anyone regardless of fame, achievements, or wealth.

It’s okay to remind yourself that you’re already everything you need to be.

“I Am Worthy of Love”

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Most mantras and limited beliefs center around our desire for love or being worthy of love. Repeat this beautiful mantra while you brush your teeth in the morning, do your makeup, or spend any time looking in the mirror.

“I Love and Accept Myself”

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A powerful mantra envelops you like a warm hug. “I love and accept myself” is ideal to repeat out loud or quietly to yourself while doing your daily meditation. Let your hand rest over your heart as you feel the truth of this mantra.

“I Forgive Myself”

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Bottling up past pains never helps anyone. Give yourself the grace of forgiveness. Whatever it is, it’s in your past, and you deserve to move forward. Give yourself permission to heal.

“I Am Worthy of Rest”

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A lot of people feel that their productivity and achievements are directly tied to their self-worth. This can often affect health or the ability to rest properly. Be gentle with yourself, and know that your right to rest, food, shelter, or any other basic need is never tied to your productivity.

You deserve these things simply by being a beautiful human being.

“I Deserve to Be Healthy”

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Remind yourself that regardless of your past or your future, you deserve to enjoy great health.

“I Choose Myself Today”

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Busy parents can especially resonate with this mantra. Allow yourself to enjoy moments or days of self-care when you need them. It’s okay to choose yourself too. After all, you cannot pour from an empty cup, so everybody benefits when you recharge yourself.

“I Am Beautiful Inside and Out”

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Embracing both your strengths and weaknesses can be healing. Your fears and insecurities deserve to be heard too. It’s all part of who you are, and there’s nothing shameful in that.

“I Have Faith in Myself and My Abilities”

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This mantra can be a great source of empowerment if you allow yourself to relax into it.

“I Am Worthy of Good Things”

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Sometimes blessings pour into people’s lives, but they cannot enjoy them because, deep down, they don’t feel worthy. Gently release this limiting belief.

It’s okay to believe that you deserve all the abundance or opportunities present in your life, and it’s okay to enjoy them.

“I Accept My Flaws”

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A short yet striking mantra, “I accept my flaws,” can be deeply healing. Let the truth of this affirmation wash over you like the warm, cleansing waves of the sea in summer.

“I Deserve to Feel Safe and Secure”

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Give yourself permission to release tension and feel safe within your body and life—safe to express yourself, enjoy life, or be your true self. Additionally, setting boundaries with those around us can be hard because not everyone has healthy examples of how to do it.

Practice this mantra to remind yourself you are safe standing up for yourself, speaking your truth, or simply following your intuition.

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