Positive Parenting Tools Online – Websites, Pinterest, Podcasts and More

This post is a collection of some of the best places I've found online for positive parenting tools.

After looking through the ones I list here, won't you leave me links of other great resources in the comments?  I am looking for the most uplifting parenting places on the web.

(This is the second post in the Series, Finding the Positive Parenting Tools You Need.  Other posts: Letting Go of Parenting Guilt, Great Books for Positive Parenting)

Positive Parenting Tools

About Finding Parenting Advice Online:

Here's my two cents:

  • First off- As with any parenting advice, take what suits you, and leave the rest.  Only you know your family the way you do and it is perfectly OK to restructure any of this information to make it work for you.
  • The being said, take time to ask yourself, “Am I sure?”  When you come across a parenting solution (I'm talking a positive one, not “hit your kid.”) When you come across a parenting tip or solution that seems totally off the wall for you, just pause a second and see if any part of it might work.  Sometimes if we experiment with a little creativity in our parenting, question our previous assumptions a bit, we come up with very good results.
  • Finally- the second a parenting site or author gets negative, drama filled or snarky, I'm out of there.  We've got too much information coming our way as it is, might as well stick with the positive stuff.


Places to Find Positive Parenting Tools Online:

I update this list as I find more really good resources:


  • Aha Parenting by Dr Laura Markham.  Connection based parenting advice for babies all the way to teens.
  • Kidlutions: Many articles and resources for dealing with our kids BIG emotions such as anger and grief.
  • The Twin Coach: About MUCH more than multiples parenting.  Gina's article address everything from tantrum to the surprising feelings of motherhood.
  • Teacher Tom: Yes, not exactly a parenting blog.  Tom blogs about teaching preschoolers,  but when you read Tom's posts you can't help but look at your own kids with freshly opened eyes as a parent.  He helps you see your kids for the teachers they are to you.
  • Toddler Approved:  The Parenting resource page on Toddler Approved continues to grow.  The authors' parenting posts tend to be practical, positive and doable.
  • Not Just Cute: Look around her site to find a bunch of resources that will help you enjoy your kids.
  • Hands Free Mama – This is the beautiful and inspiring site that launched Rachel's two bestsellers: Hands Free Mama and Hands Free Life. These resources will touch your soul. Start your journey towards staying present and connecting every day.


Of course most sites have a Facebook page, but some stand out by sharing really useful or uplifting information.  I feel these are worth following:

Pinterest– oh yeah, we've got a fantastic Positive Parenting board on Pinterest. Follow to find more parenting resources and pin them for yourself.

Positive Parenting on Pinterest

Other Resources:

  • The Daily Groove– I enjoy these free emails that only take a moment to read, but help set you up for a good day parenting.
  • Raising Playful Tots– this Podcast gives you advice you can put to use in your busy day to help you connect playfully with your kids.

Ok, this list is just the tip of the iceberg.  Now, what super inspirational online positive parenting resource do you love?

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