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12 Heart-Melting Ways We’ve Been Told ‘I Love You’

There's nothing more heartwarming than sincere and raw confessions of one's love for another. From grand gestures to small notes, there are so many ways to share how we feel with the people in our lives. Here are twelve tales from the lovebirds of the internet that will warm your heart.

1. Caught Off-Guard

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Two months into dating, one member recalls how her now husband accidentally said, “My god, I adore you!” while they were talking and giggling in bed. The look on his face resembled the surprised Pikachu meme and was priceless. It was genuine, but he didn't mean for it to come out of his mouth so soon!

2. The Punchline

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One person recalls cuddling with her lover on his couch late at night. She made a silly joke; he laughed and said, “I love you.” It was a beautiful moment. “I won't ever forget that. It felt so genuine and raw,” she writes.

3. Shockwaves

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One person's current fiance said that he loved her as he was leaving her place. As she opened the door for him to go, he just casually kissed her and said, “Okay, love you, bye!”. “I was in shock. My brain was still processing what just happened, so out of habit, I closed the door behind him and just stood there, staring at the closed door, like what did he just say?” adds the commenter.

4. The Perfect Moment

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After dating for 12 weeks, a member and her partner were driving to a friend's wedding in a nearby city when she realized she was in love with him. She wanted to tell him immediately but was waiting for the right moment. Later that evening, after the reception, her partner pulled away from the crowd to tell her he loved her.

“We were on a beautiful mountaintop overlooking the sunset. I told him I loved him, too! The cutest part was that he realized he loved me on the drive up to the wedding, too. We both realized we were in love with each other at the same time!”

5. Love Language

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While the three big words are enough, some folks go the extra mile and get creative with language. A commenter recalls being told, “You're the star hanging in my sky.” Talk about being poetic!

6. A Captivating Face

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A member's boyfriend got a little playful as they were sitting in the backseat of his car. She was lying with her head on his lap, looking at him, and he started playfully pushing her face away from him. “After a while of pulling my head back and forth, he told me that he is trying not to look at me too much because every time he does, he falls even more in love with me.”

7. Telepathic Communication

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One member mentions that he and his partner were looking each other in the eyes, smiling. Suddenly, she said, “You can say it.” It was a magical moment as the member feels lucky to say he has the best significant other of all time.

8. Loosening Grip

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Here's a silly one. A user recalls her now husband saying, “I'm falling in love with you,” while she replied, “Get a grip.” She has no memory of saying it, and fortunately, he disregarded her callous reply and continued.

9. A Lovable Freight Train

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After attending an acoustic concert, a member and her partner were out at Target buying sheets for his bed. As she casually mentioned that she loved the pattern on a pair of sheets, he let it slip that he loved her. “He was so pink in the face and doing an embarrassed grin, but he's truly one of the most sincere and sweetest people I have ever known. I love him, even if he snores like a freight train,” she mentions.

10. ‘Til Death Do Us Part

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There are more ways to say “I love you” than there are stars in the sky. Happily married now, a user recalls how her then-boyfriend was discussing moving in together. The two were going back and forth on it, but they both knew they wanted it. “He just turned to me in the middle of it and said, ‘If this isn't forever, what is the point?' I just knew he was my ‘forever' then.”

11. Cooking up Some Love

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A professional chef was making spaghetti for dinner with her partner one night. Suddenly, he came over and wrapped his arm around her shoulders while she was cooking, whispered the words in her ear, and then kissed her cheek. “It was the first time I felt like someone genuinely meant that they loved me.”

12. A Happy Ending

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While living in a toxic household, a commenter remembers talking to her partner in code over the phone. One time, during a call, he suddenly hit her with the big three, and she nearly fainted! Though the commenter couldn't react given her circumstances, she wanted to scream with joy! “I quickly left the room my parents were in, and whisper screamed at him for not picking a better time but definitely reciprocated.” The two are happily married now.

Source: Reddit.

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