Alissa Zorn

Alissa Zorn is a trauma-informed coach, cartoonist, author, and founder of Overthought This. She's passionate about helping people undo perfectionism and shame to build authentic, joyful lives. Alissa is a member of the International Coach Federation and got her Trauma-Informed Coaching certification from Moving the Human Spirit. She wrote Bounceback Parenting: A Field Guide for Creating Connection, Not Perfection, and is always following curiosity to find her next creative endeavor.
  • Job Title: Trauma-Informed Coach
  • Competency: childhood emotional neglect, perfectionism, parenting, journaling, comics, doodling, coaching
  • Languages: English
  • Alumni: Northern Arizona University
  • Credentials: ICF coach at the ACC level, Trauma Informed Coaching Certificate from Moving The Human Spirit.
  • Member of: International Coaching Federation