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Classic Conversation Games to Play With Kids

Conversation games are a classic way to pass time. They can turn the most mundane tasks into treasured time together whether you are waiting in line at the bank, driving in the car or sharing a meal. If you're looking for some inspiration, try these classics: 5 Classic Conversation Games

Name Ten

Name 10 is a classic conversation game in which one person declares a category such as Fruit and the other players must come up with 10 examples of that category. The person who came up with the category gets to determine whether the examples fit.

This is similar to the game Scattergories – where teams or individuals come up with answers that fit the letter rolled on a die and the categories listed on their card. Scattergories was a hit in our household when I was growing up – great game for any family who loves word play.

A my name is Alice

In this conversation game each person takes turns adding a name and a thing in alphabetical order. The first person might say: A my name is Alice and I like apples, and the next person could say A my name is Alice and I like Apples, B my name is Bobby and I like bears and so the game goes with each person reciting and adding to the chain.

  • If you have young kids you can drop the recitation of what others have said and just have them do the next letter so it could be the first person says A my name is Ann and I like airplanes and the next person says B my name is Ben and I like balls.
  • If you have older kids try having each person add to each letter as they recite. the first person could say A my name is Abigail and I like aliens, the next person must not only do their own letter but add to the previous letters A my name is Abigail and I like aliens and atoms, B my name is Betty and I like bananas.

Fact or Fiction

In this game each person takes turns telling two things that are true about themselves and one thing that is not, the other players must then guess what is fact and what is fiction. Younger kids may not quite ‘get' this conversation game, but often their additions to the conversation are hilarious anyhow.

For a science based version of this game, check out Educational Insights Sci or Fi game – your family can try to determine science fact from fiction, while learning interesting facts along the way.

I Spy

This game traditionally starts with the phrase I spy with my little eye something… and then one descriptor is added such as red, smaller than a mouse, made out of wood. The other people take turns trying to guess what the item is. The person who guesses then gets to be the “spy”. Perfect conversation game for a car trip. You can find more road trip games ideas here.

  • With younger kids, it goes well to be totally obvious like, “I spy a big yellow M.” The fun for them is in the spotting, and this makes it easier for them to be the “spyer” too. It may be more fun if you use a simple card deck made for young kids on road trips too so that tey have a visual of what they're supposed to be looking for. We like this I spy card game pack a lot.

Questions Only

Everything anyone says must be stated in the form of a question. This conversation game is incredibly simple, has no real winner or concrete ending, it will keep you giggling and like it or not it may just crop back up hours after you thought it was finished.

table-topicsAnd speaking of questions – the simple conversation game of asking interesting questions to answer never gets old. A couple of recommended resources: Table Topics cards have a great selection of question packs from family dinners to questions for teens.

Another popular set of questions comes from The Kids Book of Questions – great way to keep the conversation flowing.

For more fun ways to get conversations going in your family, take a look at our Conversation Starters Page for printable conversation starters, games and more.