Getting injured is part of growing up, and while bumps and scrapes are usual, some kids suffer more significant injuries like broken arms. Children who get broken bones are often really down about it, especially active children who are used to playing sports, or kids that enjoy writing or painting.

You might want to get your child a gift to cheer them up, but what can you give that they won't need their arm to enjoy? Check out some of our favorite fun gift ideas for kids with a broken arm.

I Do All My Own Stunts T-Shirt

i do all my own stunts t shirt

Most children love graphic T-shirts, and this shirt features a broken arm in a cast with the words “I Do All My Own Stunts” on the front. You can purchase the shirt in youth, men, and women’s sizes and five different colors. This shirt is great for kids with broken arms because it makes the arm seem like something cool to have and turns the situation into something fun.

  • Gives the impression the broken arm happened doing something cool
  • 100% cotton
  • Lots of colors and sizes available
  • Machine washable
  • Gender-neutral
  • Note that the Heather grey t-shirt is only 90% cotton, 10% polyester

T-shirts are always a fun gift for any kid, and if you can turn a broken arm into a funny, cool situation for a kid with an injury, you’re definitely winning at parenting. Cotton t-shirts are comfy and can be worn more than once so you won’t have to worry about them just using it once.

Aurora Bears Bonnie Get Well Bear Plush

aurora bears bonnie get well bear plush

Children love teddy bears, and stuffed animals and the Aurora Bear is a beautifully crafted, super soft and cuddly. The bear wears a bandage that reads “Get Well Soon” around its arm and also wears a bandage around one of his ears. This teddy bear is cute and safe even for infants.

  • Soft, fluffy, and cute
  • Appropriate for all ages
  • Comes in two colors—light brown and dark brown

Teddy bears making everything better, especially when they are super cute and ultra-soft. Children of all ages will appreciate this thoughtful gift and will keep it on their beds for years to come due to its high quality.

Get Well Gift Basket for Kids by Nine at Thirty-Nine

get well gift basket for kids

If you want to really make a kid with a broken arm feel special, get them an entire gift basket full of things that all children love. We found one (pictured above) that includes Jelly Belly candy, crayons, fun games, a water bottle, and other activities. The company Beyond Bookmarks also has a ton of different options with activities, goodies and stuffed animals.

One Tough Cookie Gift Box

one tough cookie gift box

What child doesn’t like cookies? You can encourage your child to be one tough cookie with this gift box that includes a balloon, and seven different kinds of cookies individually packaged. All the brands included are trusted name brands such as Chips Ahoy, Oreo, and Teddy Grahams. The box is super cute that the cookies are packaged in and is appropriate for kids over age three and adults.


  • Seven different kinds of cookies included
  • All cookies individually packaged
  • Gender-neutral design
  • Kids love cookies
  • Cute saying to make children feel better


  • If you’re looking for a healthy gift, cookies aren’t it

Cookies make everyone feel better, especially kids. If you don’t allow your child to have sugar often, this “one tough cookie” get well gift box will be an extra special gift, sure to make your child delighted. The balloon is full of air, so you won’t have to worry about keeping it secure.

Laugh Out Loud Jokes for Kids

laugh out loud jokes for kids

Laughter really is the best medicine, and if your child is feeling down because of their broken arm, this book of jokes is sure to make them smile. Laugh out Loud Jokes for Kids is a USA Today and Wall Street Journal best-selling book with more than 1.5 million copies sold. This book is most appropriate for children age 7-10 and contains knock-knock jokes, one-liners, tongue twisters, and more.

  • Hours of laughter and fun
  • Extremely low paperback price
  • Available in eBook
  • More than 4500 reviews on amazon
  • Amazon, USA Today, and Wall Street Journal bestseller
  • Appropriate for kids age 7-10

This book is super affordable and available in paperback, e-book, and audiobook. Kids with broken arms love audiobooks because they can hear the story rather than flip through the pages which can be difficult in a cast. If your child is between the ages of 7 and 10, this book is the perfect choice for laughing out loud and cheering up.

Jigsaw Puzzle

Puzzles are a great way to fill time, engage a kid's brain and they can be done with one hand. With all the choices available you're likely to find a picture that will fit perfectly for your child. Who knows – time spent putting a jigsaw puzzle together may result in some pretty great memories while healing from a broken arm.

Charlie Is Broken!

charlie is broken

This book is about Charlie and Lola (who are so adorable and have a very sweet sibling relationship). They are planning to put on a circus show. However, these plans don't exactly pan out because Charlie ends up breaking his arm. So, it is Lola's goal to cheer him up. This book is a good book if it is your child's first broken arm because it allows them to relate to someone else and better understand that it is okay to be sad, but you can always cheer up! This book is recommended for children ages 5 to 8.

Lauren Child is the author and creator of the characters, Charlie and Lola. She has won the Smarties Gold Award, Smarties Bronze Award, and the Kate Greenaway medal.

Tips for Kids with a Broken Arm

If you child has broken his arm and is normally a pretty active kid, then you might find that it is hard to reign in that energy and excitement, so they don't hurt their arm even more. From adding in some screen time and introducing new books and games, there are a few things you can do to help pass the time for your child as they heal from their broken arm – without driving you completely nuts!

When your child breaks their arm, they are definitely going to go through some pain and suffering and their range of motion isn't going to be quite where it needs to be until the injury heals.

From the emergency room to physical therapy to the bruising and itching and the difficult showering without getting the cast wet, there are probably many steps from the time they get hurt to the time you can take a breath and focus on helping them heal.

In the meantime, it never hurts to have items handy that will help them cope with the pain and swelling from a broken arm or broken wrist. An arm elevation pillow is just another accessory you may want to consider adding to the list as you venture out to find entertaining things for them to do.

When your child breaks their arm, show them love and support and try to be as patient as you can because you know it is going to be hard for them to adjust to the injury at first.

Your child’s broken arm is sure to have them feeling down and out, but a great gift will let them know you empathize with them and make them feel so much better. Some of these items will also help to pass the time if you child also has to go through any kind of physical therapy following their injury as well.