Best Bento Box for Toddlers

Bento Boxes are reusable Japanese-style lunch boxes that are perfect for toddlers because they keep food separated without having to use wasteful plastic bags or containers. Bento boxes are the most environmentally friendly lunchboxes and great for families that love packing fresh foods and homemade meals for their toddlers.

Check out our recommendations for the best Bento style lunch boxes for toddlers.

Bentgo Kids Brights Box

The Bentgo Kids lunchboxes are leak-proof with five compartments and perfect for kids age three to seven. The Bentgo Kids lunchbox is BPA free and made from food-safe materials. What makes this lunchbox perfect for toddlers is the durable, drop-proof construction with rubber-coated edges.


  • Leak-proof technology
  • Durable construction
  • 2-year warranty
  • Kid-friendly latches
  • One main compartment, and four sides designed for child-size portions
  • Bentgo supports the Feed the Children charity
  • Many colors to choose from


  • The Bentgo Box does not keep food cold. This box needs to go inside a lunch box with an ice pack
  • Some people have trouble with the latches snapping off

The Bentgo Box is designed with a toddler’s appetite in mind and is an excellent choice for parents of children who are picky eaters and don’t want their food to touch. The tray insert is dishwasher friendly and is made from easy to clean materials that are BPA free and non-toxic.

Fun Life Bento Lunch Box

This five compartment Bento lunch box is perfect for kids, toddlers, or adults. Each portion compartment is individually removable and made from FDA food safe and BPA free materials. This box encourages food variety in little ones, and they can even help choose which foods to put in the containers if you want to make mealtime more self-directed by your child. We also love the leakproof design with four clips on each side for extra security and a tight-fitting lid.


  • 5 Removable compartments
  • Microwave safe
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Refrigerator safe
  • Leakproof design
  • Durable construction
  • Includes insulated lunch box bag
  • Rubberized edges


  • Insulated bag keeps food at temperature for 2-4 hours. You’ll need an icepack to ensure food stays cool longer than that
  • Only microwaveable safe for up to three minutes
  • The lid is not microwaveable
  • Food can stain the compartments

This bento box is great for toddlers because the cups are removable pick means you can tailor the lunch that goes into the box for your child’s appetite. You can even choose just to use two cups which would make a three-portion meal design. You’ll have to be careful with microwaving this bento box, however. While the product info says it is microwave safe, the lid is not, and there are limitations for how long you can heat the plate for.

Ultimate Bento Box

We love this Bento Box because the containers are moveable and include a built-in removable icepack, so you don’t ever have to worry about your bento box staying cold. The lunch box is also 100 percent leakproof, microwave and dishwasher safe. You’ll have several color options with each option including a two-color design. The box is divided into three compartments with two lids. The middle compartment is divided for two portions of just over 8 ounces each, and two removable compartments are in the bottom.


  • Leakproof with four easy-open latches
  • Four removable compartments
  • Three tiers
  • Built-in removable icepack
  • Microwave safe
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Food grade safe materials, BPA free
  • Satisfaction guarantee


  • Can be difficult for toddlers to assemble if they are eating lunch alone
  • No handle

The Ultimate Bento Box is great for anyone in the family to use and is made from durable, food-safe materials that parents can trust. The leak-proof design is perfect for busy kids on the go, but we wish this bento box had a handle, especially since the built-in icepack means you don’t necessarily need an additional lunch bag to transport the Ultimate Bento Box in.

OmieBox Bento Box with Thermos

If you want your child to have a mix of hot and cold foods at lunch, the OmieBox is an excellent choice because the three compartments allow for two different temperature zones. There is also a thermos insert that allows hot food to be packed inside easy. This box uses BPA free plastic, food-grade materials, and stainless steel to ensure that your food stays insulated, no matter the temperature. When you don’t use the thermos insert, space becomes a fourth compartment big enough for a sandwich.


  • Hot and cold foods together in one bento box
  • Three to four compartments
  • Removable thermos inserts
  • Easy to clean
  • Removable rubber seals
  • Replacement seals available
  • Handle


  • Insulated compartments keep food cool and fresh but not cold

We love this bento box because you ensure your toddler has something warm to eat at lunch even when it’s lunch from home. This lunchbox for toddlers also has a handle and can space to fit an icepack if you want to keep food cooler than the insulated compartments allow. The seals on the OmieBox do wear out with use, but rather than replace the entire lunchbox, and parents can order additional removable seals as replacements.

Eco-Friendly Bento Box

If the reason you choose the bento-style lunchbox is to save plastic, this bento box by Eco-Life Home Design is a great choice for your toddler. The box is leakproof, freezer and microwave safe and includes four compartments for foods and one tiny compartment for a sauce. The box consists of a reusable set of utensils, and everything is made from wheat fiber and BPA free plastic. The box is designed to break down in a compost facility and is also super easy to clean.


  • 70% Wheat Fiber makes this a very eco-friendly design
  • Created to break down in compost
  • Includes fork and spoon
  • Four compartments and sauce compartment
  • Removable clasps for easy cleaning
  • Leakproof
  • One year manufacturer warranty


  • No insulation
  • No handle
  • Bland design

This bento box is FDA approved and perfect for the environmentally conscious family. We also love that this company partners with One Tree Planted to plant a tree for each of their bento boxes sold. Your toddler might not like that there aren’t bright colors or characters on their bento box.

Bento boxes are a great way to promote a healthy variety of foods and great portion control. There are many different styles of bento boxes that could work for your toddler, but we are sure that one that you read about above will be the perfect fit for your child.

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