Balloon Printing

At first I was just planning on painting with toilet paper tubes.  I found a great idea about stamping circles with the paper tubes and Leland and I had  a bit of time to ourselves the other day, while the big kid was at soccer and the baby slept.

We got out paint supplies and paper, but then Leland found a pack of balloons- ooh, lets add those.

First we tried dots with the balloon

But the real fun was in using the balloons for printing. We stamped on the balloon with the tube and printed the rings. 

We layered colors and printed.

Then I drew our names backwards and we were able to print those.  By this time Leland was more interested in blowing up a balloon and letting it PPbbbbsssst around the room.  I, however, was having so much fun painting that I was sad to have to stop and cook dinner.

Inspired to save your, “loo rolls” now?  If you collect more than you need for this project, Maggy, at Red Ted Art, has loads of fun ideas for paper tubes. If the balloons inspire you, check out this amazing post filled with balloon ideas by Jamie, at Hands On As We Grow.

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