6 Outdoor Photo Scavenger Hunt Ideas for Kids

Spending time outdoors is one of our family's favorite ways to play together. You can get outside and explore with your kids by making a game of it. These 6 outdoor photo scavenger hunts by Shutterfly are a fun way to spend time with your kids while learning more about your environment. You may even notice some small details you’ve never had the time to see.

Grab a camera and download one of the outdoor photo scavengers hunts below then head out to explore!

A Few Tips for Photo Scavenger Hunts

  • Make sure kids are alert to their surroundings – staying on the look out for cars or other dangers, staying with the group.
  • If there's only one camera/phone for the group, consider taking turns capturing the image so everyone gets a chance to play.
  • If you're playing in teams, make sure a responsible teen or adult is with each group of kids

Outdoor Photo Scavengers Hunt Ideas to Do With Kids

Download the Neighborhood Scavenger Hunt

You don’t need to go far to play this game. You’ve walked your neighborhood many times, but have you taken the time to stop and really look. While searching for the items on your list, talk with your kids about their favorite houses and what makes them special.

Download the Nature Scavenger Hunt

Go to a local park or on a hike and bring this scavenger hunt along. These items will spark conversations that you might not have had otherwise.

Download the Farmer’s Market Scavenger Hunt

Weekends can be stressful because you are trying to balance errands with spending time with your kids. Why not do both? Go to your local farmer’s market with your kids and bring along this scavenger hunt.

Download the City Scavenger Hunt

When’s the last time you spent a day in the city? Go downtown for lunch and make a game out of the trip. Being a tourist in your own city may help your family appreciate where you live even more.

Download the Beach Scavenger Hunt

Beach days can be chaotic and your kids may be too busy digging in the sand or swimming to spend time with you. This scavenger hunt will reign them in and help you explore the beach together.

Download the Zoo Scavenger Hunt

Planning a trip to the zoo? Go over your scavenger list on your way and talk about the different animals and the sounds they make. Discuss which animals are your favorite and add them to the list.

Here are some more fun ways to add outdoor play to your family life: