4 Ways Photography Makes Your Family Closer

Today we get to learn again from CWK contributor and photography teacher, Beryl Ayn Young.  She’s an expert at helping moms and dads connect through the lens with their families.  ~Alissa

I never intended photography to be an activity my whole family would enjoy, but somehow it's become one that has truly brought us all together.

My own love of photography was sparked pre-kids, and my motive for learning was to be able to take better photos once I had the privilege of becoming a mom.  Photography was initially something that made ME feel good, and confident, and happy.

4 Ways photography makes you a good mom

Although it surely is wonderful to have a creative outlet for myself, now that I'm mom to a busy toddler I can also say with pride that photography is a hobby that is reaping benefits for my whole family too.

4 key ways photography benefits my whole family:

A camera is an instant memory preserver

This is probably the most obvious, but time seems to go so much FASTER since becoming a mom. Which has made it even more difficult to remember all of the memories that we're making each and every day.  Taking pictures is my way of slowing things down for just a second in our day to day lives, helping all of us remember what life looked like during a particular moment in time.

4 Ways Photography can Make Your Family Closer

Its a built in tool to connect

I find that when I'm behind the lens my attention instantly turns towards my kiddo and whatever is going on in her world. I love to interact, play, and ask her questions in between shots to truly immerse myself in whatever moment it is we are sharing.

Taking pictures strengthens our creative muscles

Photography can be a great catalyst for sparking everyone's creative energies. From dress up play and imaginative ideas that beg to be captured, to framing and composing the most unique shot, to playing with editing tools on the computer after the fun is over — a camera is a a simple (and non-messy) tool that allows our creativity to go wild.

4 Ways Photography can Make Your Family Closer

Photos have the power to make anyone and everyone smile (most of the time…)

I know at times it can feel like pulling teeth getting that image where everyone is happily engaged with the camera lens and smiling naturally. Even though not every moment we snap will be a smile filled one, just remember the end goal: to make em' smile after the shot is taken. I have countless photos of our day to day lives that are now filling up albums that make us all smile only once we look back over them

You're not being selfish

If you're reading this and thinking you'd like to improve your photography skills or photo taking consistency, I encourage you to think of all the ways a camera is truly a tool the whole family can enjoy.  You won't regret is as you see your child proudly pick up a camera and try to ‘take pictures like mommy', as your loved ones help you seek out the best light and composition for a particular photo, or as you all enjoy looking back at albums filled with fond family memories.

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