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10 Ways to Pay It Forward With Kindness

The truth is, we never know what another person is going through and a little bit of kindness can go a long way to brighten their day. They might be struggling with social anxiety, stress from unemployment, or a healthcare bill that poses financial strain. They might also just be having a bad day, which is equally valid.

Any person can make a difference, no matter how little. Here are a few ways we can make the world a kinder place.

Compliment a Stranger

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When done thoughtfully, a little compliment while you’re in the coffee shop queue or at a festival is a fun way to make someone feel better about themselves and maybe even make new friends.

Hug Your Loved Ones

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Hugs are a wonderful way to show your love to a family member, spouse, or friend. Hugs can convey what a thousand words can’t.

Good Manners

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Practicing good manners goes a long way. Giving a pregnant lady your seat, helping the elderly cross the street, or opening the door for someone whose hands are filled with bags is not just good manners, it also helps lighten the load, shows thoughtfulness, and provides care for those in need.

Express Gratitude to a Friend

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Everyone likes feeling appreciated. When you tell a friend how you appreciate them and all the ways you’re grateful for them, you immediately brighten their day and even inspire them to return the positivity.

Help out a Friend

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Offer to help a friend move from one apartment to another or volunteer to accompany them to the doctor’s appointment they’re anxious about. Showing support is a great way to be kind, and it’s also the recipe for a fulfilling friendship.

Listen Empathically

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When people are going through something, sometimes they need solutions. But other times, they just need someone to listen empathically and make them feel heard and seen. Listening empathically means offering them space to offload without judgment and not focusing on what we want to say next. It’s all about making your loved one feel heard so they don’t feel alone.

Take Over the Load

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Some people’s love language is Acts of Service, and they feel most loved when someone is making their lives easier by handling various tasks. This can be fixing a leaky faucet, taking the car to the car wash, or taking the kids to the zoo so your overwhelmed partner can enjoy a self-care day. Whatever it is, think of what would take the weight off the shoulders of a loved one.

Cook Food for a Loved One

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An easy way to show appreciation is by making a delicious meal for your family, friend, or partner. After all, nothing compares to a home-cooked meal made with love! Plus, there are endless recipes to experiment with depending on preferences and dietary requirements.

Be Friendly With Workers

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Whether you’re buying some groceries or calling customer support about faulty internet service, it’s always a good idea to be friendly and well-mannered.

Paying for a Stranger’s Meal

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If you want to pleasantly surprise a stranger, you can always pay for the coffee or meal of the next person in line. Who knows, you might just be the blessing they were praying for that day or the inspiration for a new practice in that coffee shop or restaurant.

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